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Face app debits R500 from lady who forgot to cancel free trial

Face app debits R500 from lady who forgot to cancel free trial

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Facebook gained a lot of traction a few days ago. From there, tweeps hurried to play store and downloaded the app because of it's non-realistic features.

While the app does allow you to filter yourself a bit on the unpaid version, there are other features which are only available on the Pro subscription and a few people usually maneuver their ways around the subscription by signing up and cancelling just before the free trial is over.

A lady with Twitter username Intandokazi had R500 debited from her after she subscribed for the pro plan only to forget to cancel; resulting in R500 being deducted from her.


A number of tweeps were left shook that she had R500 lying in her account waiting to be taken by face app while others celebrated her misfortune by claiming that she signed up knowing she'd crook the app and she was crooked first.

The fact that you guys have R500 for Faceapp to take is amazing.@mizzzidc

Atleast your face card won't decline

Since that R500 is a yearly subscription, just continue using it🤣🤣. You already paid!

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