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Creative speaker powering on with no sound. Creative speaker troubleshooting

firstly, you will need to check if the aux cable is not malfunctioning because if so can result in not supplying the audio to the amplifier, if so the aux will have be replaced with a brand new aux cable. secondly, you must check if the capacitors that are supplying voltage from the power supply to the amplifier are not damaged or have dry joint because it tend to make a buzz sound if the capacitors have dry joint or malfunctioning . Thirdly, there are also those tiny capacitors which has 16v 1000uf if they are malfunctioning can also result in no sound or making buzz sound too so they must also be checked. Lastly, you can check if there are no dry joint to the parts that are supplying voltage to the sound IC , if there are no dry joint then you will have to replace the sound IC. Most of creative speakers use TEA2025B (sound IC).

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