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Here is the young South African prophetess who predicted that Whatsapp would be down

Yesterday took everyone by storm when WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram just stopped working. Everyone was panicking thinking it was only their phone.

A lot of people reported to have restarted their phones thinking that there was a network problem or that their data had depleted. Most people use these social media platforms for communication and even for business therefore it was hard for most of the people to operate without WhatsApp.

A certain twitter user brought up the message she had once sent the people regarding the problem that people would experience with these social media platforms. she wrote "Please back your technology up and be mindful of errors before you text/post. As we get closer to the start of mercury rx(27 September) a lot of social media apps will be glitching. Your electronica will break/glitch. back up Back upback up so that you wont loose important work."

Some people came back to her post confessing that they had broken their gadgets and after WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook went down yesterday people realised that she was telling the truth.

However when people asked why she could not stop it since he already knew she said that she could not stop something that was already planned.

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