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Cyber bullying and the new act

From using people’s pictures as memes, to sharing pictures of people without their consent and making fun of them.

It is common amongst partners or people who share the same partner to post their rivals on social media to make fun of them. Some post explicit pictures of their partner’s mistresses online to think they are teaching them a lesson.

This was common in the past years, people’s nudity pictures circulating around and not respecting their dignity and privacy. As of July 2021 government passed a law where a person’s personal information can not be shared without their consent.

Firstly this law was passed that if a person shared someone’s explicit pictures could be fined and even jailed up to 6months. Now by just posting any details of a person and them finding out and opening a case against you, you could face criminal charges.

Many people love cyber bullying others and go as far as opening fake accounts on social media to torment a person, if the person takes such information to the police a person can be tracked down and face the law.

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