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The possible new changes for the iPhone regarding the Whatsapp voice note

A report has been given regarding the possible new changes for the iPhone in regard to the Whatsapp voice note.Whatsapp is reportedly testing some features for the Android and the iOS.

It is reported that Whatsapp has implemented a UI change on the voice note feature.The progress animation bar is reported to have been changed by Whatsapp when the voice message is being played.

Still moving on , Whatsapp is reported to have altered how the receipts that will have been read for voice notes work.

It is highlighted that before the new changes , when a user would have disabled the receipts so that the sender would not see if the voice message would have been listened or not , it would still reveal on the other end as having been read.

The latest change is such that the sender is unable to receive a notification when the message will have been read.This is only applicable to the iOS.

Some changes that have been reportedly introduced to whatsapp for the Android users is the ability to have more stickers.

It is not yet known when all the Whatsapp users will be able to have access to the new features but it is alleged that those who have signed up with beta are able to have access to them.

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