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Death machine | Man makes a machine that kills a person within a minute. It is painless way to kill

From constructing fires and manufacturing stone-tipped arrows to inventing smartphone apps and autonomous robots, the human species has progressed tremendously in a very short period of Time. Today, technological development will surely continue to influence the way we live, work, and connect with one another – and it is only a matter of time before we are living in an era characterised by self-driving vehicles and artificial intelligence.

euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke is an Australian. He devised a gadget that would completely alter the way we die.

This century has seen the rise of social media, cellphones, self-driving automobiles, and autonomous flying vehicles, among other innovations. Energy storage technology, artificial intelligence, and medical research have all made significant advances in recent years, as well. A number of concerns, including global warming and food security, are posing significant challenges to us today. In order for mankind to deal with these challenges, it will take human intellect and invention.

Does it make sense to grant the right to die to anybody who behaves rationally?

You enter Sarco, which is about the size of a coffin, in order to deliberately and painlessly end your life. It will be placed atop a generator that will utilise liquid nitrogen to lower the level of oxygen in the capsule, resulting in hypoxia when the nitrogen is released. When exposed to low oxygen levels, the body begins to shut down gradually, leading in an elevated heart rate and fast breathing, as well as other symptoms.

Someone enters the Sarco, lies down, and clicks a button to end their life. It is as simple as that. The user loses unconscious within one minute, and he or she dies shortly after. "Style and elegance" will be there in Sarco in less a minute, according to Nitschke.

To activate it, those who choose to do so will be required to first complete an online exam to assess whether or not they are of sound mind to commit suicide. Who among those above the age of 50 deserves to die in their own way?

In order to make death as simple as pressing a button, "Suicide Machine" is the world's first 3D-printed "suicide machine."

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