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Social media Anxiety.

I struggled a lot with social media anxiety, which at some point affected me mentally. A lot of us struggle with this but never say much about it.

I found a lot of triggers in these platforms and found ways of dealing with it.

Firstly, what are triggers?

Things that made me anxious about posting and stopping all together. I found that, I followed unnecessary people or pages that made me feel self conscious, which lead to losing self confidence and comparing my life to unrealistic things.

Things I did to minimize with my anxiety.

  1. I began with questioning, why is it that I’m following pages and people that don’t inspire me and needed to let that go by unfollowing and actually follow things that I’m in interested in or people that inspire me.
  2. I learnt not everything is relevant to me cause I have my own person interests and that gave me motivation and reassurance that doing me is okay and enough.
  3. I also learnt validation from people I don’t know and don’t know me personally isn’t a healthy coping mechanism and validation from people around me is enough cause they see my daily challenges and small accomplishment.
  4. I started choosing who has access to me by making my accounts private and having control over who can look into my life.
  5. I stopped also holding on to dead friendships which I knew, they are only following me to keep tab with what am I busy with now and can compare themselves to me for they own agendas.
  6. I stopped sharing to much of my personal life but focused more on sharing my hobbies and interests to enjoy the use of the platforms.
  7. Also following people that share my hobbies and interests which changed my attitude towards how I view media cause I got daily motivation and inspiration from relevant people.
  8. I, now make sure I also don’t spend to much time on the media and from time to time, I do take a break from it to make sure I live in the present more and I can say mentally has helped a lot to appreciate my life.

Today I can say my anxiety isn’t as active because I set new boundaries and changed my attitude. I still do get triggers here and there but it isn’t as hectic as before because I now have control over what has access to me.

I think it’s about time, if you also struggle from social media anxiety to make changes to save yourself from unnecessary pressure after all it does have enough influence on our mental health.

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