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If You Receive This SMS On Your Mobile Do Not Reply This Is Why

(Personal Opinion View)

Responding to this email is not recommended because it was sent by scammers who will ask for multiple pieces of information from you in order to get you the nonexistent car that they claim you have won.

To see what they had to say, I called the number that they had sent me earlier today, after receiving a message saying that I had won a VW Polo.

Calling, a male answered the phone. After telling him about winning a vehicle, I gave him the reference number, and the man started asking for my ID number and banking information. I told him to let me hang up and look for them; I'll call him back when all of my documents are found.

To avoid being scammed or robbed of your personal information, never give anyone you don't know your bank account information over the phone, even if you think they're legitimate, because criminals are getting more and more creative in their methods of victimizing people.

People have been duped by scammers who use this tactic; the most common one involves a phone and two T-shirts being offered as prizes for sending airtime to the con artists.

In the event that you receive a message on your cellphone from a number like 079/082 saying that you have won a contest, disregard it right away. Authentic organizations only contact their customers via landlines.

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