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Lets' laugh together - Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram outage Twitter memes

Well another person's problems is another person's entertainment. Users on Monday took to Twitter to poke fun at Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on their latest technical glitch that resulted in a global outage of services.

Facebook owns the Facebook app as well as WhatsApp and Instagram after buying the last two from their creators. But to save on costs etc, Facebook is also understood to run all three apps on one shared infrastructure - which is all good and fine if things are working.

However, as has been seen in the past, an outage on say WhatsApp often also affects Instagram or Facebook or both.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not often disclose the causes of the glitches during or after they have been fixed.

So what will be left for their users is go somewhere to vent their anger - often times to Twitter, which oddly enough, rarely has these outages.

So this is what Twitter users had to say on Monday, as Whatsapp was the top trending topic worldwide.

TalkSport Tweeted; " No matter what, you can always rely on Twitter when Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram go down [Winking face]"

User Minister of uMjolo Tweeted; "What if seku funeka ama vaccine passports to use this apps #WhatsApp" - loosely translated "What is they now want proof you have been vaccinated in order to use Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram?"

One user also shared; "People who like telling you that they use Telegram are having the best day of their lives!"

"People are saying to use Telegram since Instagram and Facebook is down, but isn't Telegram for r*publicans?" said one user. 

"I thought y'all moved to Telegram long time ago," asked one User.

What do you think about this outage from Facebook and its sister apps - are you also considering jumping ship to SnapChat and Telegram?

Content created and supplied by: TaeCee (via Opera News )

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