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20 Nokia Phones You Probably Owned & Forgot About, SEE PICTURES

As everyone probably knows by now, at some point in time, Nokia was a global giant in the cellphones industry but sadly, due to the brand not being adapting quickly enough to the new times, competition not only caught up with it but surpassed it too while it was still denying this new reality instead of making new plans.

As of now, it's sad to say that the once mighty Nokia is breathing through the pipe and on top of that, it's sitting at the bottom of the smartphone chain way behind brands like Xiaommi and Huawei.

Well the story of how the mighty Nokia fell to the ground is for another day. Today lets talk about 20 phones Nokia used to supply people like me and you with.

Compared to the past days, a lot of things have changed over the years especially looking at how cellphones look now and the many functions they consist of.

Believe or. not, cellphones used to have sub par camera quality, mediocre battery that required charging every now and then and to top it all off, the old phones had low storage and weak internet connection.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout the 20 Nokia cellphones you probably owned and forgot about, see images below:

Which of the 20 cellphones have y'all owned?? LET'S TALK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION

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