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Social Media Can Be Destructive AND Depressing, Here's Why

Social media is fun, informative, and eye opening, before it connects with the world and make new friends, acquittances , business partners, and lovers.

It all depends on what you are looking for.

If you came to measure the progress your schoolmates have made since your highschool departure in comparison to yours, you may feel depressed upon realising they've acquired more materialstic possessions than you, if your life revolves around materialstic possessions.

And if you came to follow, and participate on trends such as that of purchasing and displaying latest clothes, smartphones, and various gadgets.

You may also feel depressed, or become bitter and jeolousy when the new trend continues without you as a result of lacking funds for whatever reason that may happen along the journey of life.

If you came to act God, and judge people in accordance to your own understanding of the world, you may feel the load weighing heavy on your shoulders, because social media users are not going to act in a way they fit in the world of bubbles you have created in your own imagination.

If you came for hustle, like pushing your business, brand or market the company you work for, this is a place to be, because it's where everyone [the young and the old] have been meeting lately.

The success of your task depends solely on you as an individual.

Your conduct, character and attitude will determine how people react to your service.

Every initiation gets support in accordance to the level of service it renders, and every business has its own target market.

Slogan Engineering is good for advertisement , but the service should not be anything less than best.

If you came to be an unpaid entertainer, and talk sex day and night, social media users will love you dearly, because you're equivalent to a joke to them.

And if you came to conquer and rise beyond the expectations, social media users will divide, some will support you, and others will be against you, and if the conquering spirit is in you, you'll keep on reigning.

If you brought your desperations [desperation to be loved, employed, laid and etc] , scammers, pretenders, and manipulators will take care of you.

On social media you always get what you're looking for, problem results are not always satisfactory.

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