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Warning to all whatsapp users

Its just in that the BBC radio this morning warns all whatsapp users about a new virus.

The BBC radio reportedly warns all whatsapp users to be on a look out for certain notification they might get on their cell phones by tomorrow.

Apparently tomorrow there will be a video called "Martinelli".and if you by any chance receives any kind of video you do not know were its from or whom its from do not by any mean attempt to open it.

Because if you open or download it,it will corrupt your mobile and it can not be undone or fixed.

And also yet again if you receive any certain notification that says upgrade from "whatsapp to whatsapp gold" do not click on it by all means.

Lets all be alert and vigilant to such hacks and unexplainable wrong doings of other,spread the word and alert others to be safe.

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