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Facebook will be the thing of the past, as the giant social media go down on its knees

This whole outage of facebook Instagram WhatsApp and other social media apps is a planned even. I read n article a week ago about it and now that I went to find the link, it disappeared.

I stopped using Facebook as they suddenly disabled my account for no reason & I consequently lost all my contacts & photos. So, I don't care if facebookdown .I suggest you to Delete Facebook because Mr.Billionaire Zuckerberg aims to increase his wealth & never care about you people.

delete facebook, instagram and whatsapp, install Signal messenger, stay on top of the latest news of the fall of the biggest social networks and the beginning of the digital revolution with the hash tags.

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has fallen by nearly $7 billion in a few hours after his social media platforms crashed in the afternoon.

Was just on phone with someone who works for FB who described employees unable to enter buildings In the morning to begin to evaluate extent of outage because their badges weren’t working to access doors, and I thought that was a joke but later realized that the Facebook group data was intercepted by group of hawkers.

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