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Good news to the people who are using Instagram and Facebook. Here is why

Facebook and Instagram appeared to be partially reconnected to the global internet on Monday afternoon nearly six hours into a global outage.

This people they want to kill us with stress I was about to damage my phone for no reason thinking it's a problem for it.

I am in hospital because of the stress jerr depression was killing me I rebooted my phone 100 times changed simcard until i started shaking and having withdrawal symptoms than boom rehab is were i am at.

Whatsapp seems to be still down. We are obsessed with something we have no control over. Now I can't sleep waiting for whatsapp messages I am expecting.

The only thing was left to do was to take out my battery phone which I can't do I even restarted my Wi-Fi rooter thinking there's something wrong but data was there at that moment I'm trying to unblock someone I have block for days but network.

I'm Leaving South Africa you are a lier across the globe means the whole world unless you are staying in another planet.

Like i was about to throw my phone away, but the funny was seeing my teenage son losing we nearly lost 2000 yesterday this kids can't live without social media.

Only those who are single restarted their phones because us with partners we saw it immediately that no ways our phones can lose networks at the same time.

This proved how much we are controlled does it mean we can't live without social media Seems many of us could not have a normal day yesterday.

I thought they were blocking all those unvaccinated to not access social media platforms till they vaccinate.

I was starting to applaud the strategy on the contrary all this was just a silly convincing imagination playing repeatedly in my mind.

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