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Here is why South Africans are afraid of creating online content

A Twitter user asked tweeps what’s stopping them from opening up a YouTube channel or getting into the studio and here’s what a few people had to say.

“Articulation and speech anxiety. Knowing that you’ll be dragged for being pretty and speaking with an accent that is ridiculed. I do know that my content will serve a particular community. Having a YouTube account will be the start of living my purpose kepha ngine ANXIETY”

“I have the money and resources to buy necessary equipments but I need speech training. I stutter a lot.”

“I have so much to say however I've been procrastinating because of the kinda phone I use🤦

“i feel like i'm not "smart enough" for the kind of content i would like to give out, lol 🙃.”

“I opened it.

I just realised I don't have the passion for it.

I had a great concept but no passion. Plus a whole host of issues I'm still working on with my therapist. I'll try again yazi. I'm still trying to work things out”

What can we learn from the above?

Growing and creating a YouTube channel is a lot of work. Many people suffer from burnout and quit. People have had a lot of ups and downs. But success is always just around the corner, especially after implementing the tips in this guide! Using a valuable YouTube tool like Simple Traffic and following the below instructions will be a huge help!

The beauty of YouTube is that old videos still accumulate views every hour, even as days and months go on. For every new video that you post, you’re creating a new passive income source for months to come. You can literally watch in realtime as views come in and grow. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you can make enough money from YouTube to support yourself and be financially free!

What if people don’t like my content or laugh at me? 

This is a very real concern but just remember that for every person that laughs at you or thinks that what you are doing is silly, there will be another person who absolutely loves your content! 

Everyone wants to be loved, accepted and praised- it is only natural for humans. So just ignore the haters and focus on being positive. Overcoming the fear of starting a YouTube channel needs to be mindset change.

Always remember that YouTube has literally billions of viewers and each one has their own unique taste, interests and opinions. Therefore, it is only logical that there will be at least a handful of folks who love your videos. 

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