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Scammers at it again.

The old trick from the book. Scammers at it again.

This are the trying times whereby everyone is working too hard for survival. The Information Technology (IT) geeks have spotted a weakness faced by some people out there. They know the basics of living under pressure, like the old saying "desperate times calls for desperate measures". The outlaws have been on a mission to scam through SMSes, you don't want to fall victim of being scammed do you? 

If you received an SMS which reads: "We loan from 8000 - 6M BLACKLiSTED Whatsapp/Diall/ 0736653557 FOR INFO" or the one below this article is for you.

Other SMS reads: "Here we give loan at 5% Blacklisted also whatsapp / call 0786636928". Both are scams and you'd find it hard to believe that some people still fall for such scams. How to spot a scam through SMSes and other ways of media? Below I'll be breaking it down for you.

The circled number in a screenshot above is a personal number. A number from a registered company (which is legal) is commonly long and some what not interesting to read it all. And the number written at the bottom of the SMS is also not a business number but personal. Below is a legitimate registered business and spot a difference. 

Highlighted at top of SMS is a business number, not a personal number. There's also a secured link where you are eligible to apply. To top it all off, there's a registered trademark number which is authorised.

Sharing your personal data with the unknown leads you directly to be scammed. It may not only be done digitally, also physically. This reminds me of a lady who was scammed by trusting an unknown. Her car was stolen, later received a phone call by someone claiming to be police officer and her car was found and impounded in other province.

For confirmation the acclaimed officer sent her multiple images in uniform to confirm. Said a lady should transfer R2000 for her car to be delivered from impounds to nearest police station. Remember the phrase "desperate times calls for desperate measures", she transferred the amount. Later to find the guy was a haux who stole then used legit officers photos from social media and changed his numbers immediately after transfer. Be careful whom to trust, definitely not a stranger.

How does this criminals manage to hack without leaving a trace behind and break into bank accounts? I've sourced a very valuable information on how you can get to know Malware and protect yourself from hackers. On the link below.

NB: No legit company or bank could lend money to a blacklisted person. That's a risk no business wants to take.

Thank you for sharing.

Content created and supplied by: Mzansibestcreationsfromabove (via Opera News )

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