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10 Popular Companies In South Africa That Changed Their Names

It's not a taboo thing when finding out that a company has at some point in its journey, changed names, its been like this all over the world. 

Major companies around the world like Google and Facebook have changed their names before. They do this for two reasons; firstly to make the company name be pronounced easily and lastly, to shift company's strategy and theme altogether with the name.

Now let's checkout South African companies that have changed their names before, see the list below:

Mr Delivery - Mr D

Takealot successfully acquired Mr D as Mr Delivery in 2014 to have their in-house delivery system. Mr D has been a success story as the company receives thousands orders per day.

Mabalabala - Mabala Noise

The company was founded by DJ Bongz in 2015 but after former ANCYL Treasury, Reggie Nkabinde, joined the party, the name was changed to Mabala Noise and they took over the music industry.

Absa - Amalgamated Banks Of SA

After the original founders of Absa saw people having a difficulty with pronouncing the long name, they were forced to abbreviate it to just Absa.

Alliance - Truworths

After the company saw a decline in sale over a long period of time, they were bought out and the new owners changed the names as a way to put the company back on the map.

Naspers - De Nasionale Pers Beperkt 

When Naspers launched, it was during the apartheid era but as time went on, the owners saw that many people couldn't pronounce the Afrikaans name, so they changed it to Naspers.

Rembrandt - Remgro

The company was originally founded by Anton Rupert, the father of Johann Rupert. When he handed the reigns to Johann, he restructured the company by changing it's name to Remgro in 2000.

Bid Corporation - Bidvest

The company was originally founded by Brian Joffe as Bid Corporation in 1988, he changed the name to Bivest in order to shorten it so that people could pronounce the name easily.

Take2 - Takealot

Naspers originally bought Takealot as Take2 but unfortunately, the domain name already existed somewhere in the world, so the ecommerce giants were forced to change the name to Takealot as we know it today.

Tyme Digital - Tyme Bank

The bank was originally launched in 2012 as a subsidiary of the MTN Group but they sold it to several companies before it made its way to Motsepe's ARC company, the name was changed to Tyme Bank in 2018.

Golden City Press - City Press

The disruptive newspaper launched originally as Golden City Press but after just a year, the name was shortened to just City Press.

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