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Accepting Cookies: Do You Know The Implications?

Ever felt like advertisements are following you? From webpages to your social media feeds and maybe even as adverts on your favorite streaming platforms?

Have you ever searched for accommodation on your browser then boom when you open Facebook there is an advert about accommodation?

You’re not alone. You’re being tracked. We all are.

Internet tracking is practically standard practice for web browsers and internet-connected devices, with websites watching how you consume the data.

Also known as HTTP cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are basically a storage file for how you interact with a specific website, remembering everything from what you’ve added to your cart on shopping sites to what news articles you read on news sites and even language preferences you select.

There are indeed a few reasons for concern when it comes to data tracking, most of which regard our privacy, security, and transparency regarding where user data is stored and who has access to it. That’s because the more confident we are about sharing our data — meaning accepting cookies, for instance —the more our data is out of our hands. 

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