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The internet will eventually evolve into the metaverse.

Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum: "The internet will eventually evolve into the metaverse, which will come to represent the next major computing platform."

Honestly I am all for it and have been waiting for this moment forever. But the problem's Facebook. Literally the worst company to do this.

So hopefully they get it right and a better company comes up and overtakes them in the market. I am very much looking forward to virtual reality worlds....What is available so far is pretty disappointing considering the potential.

Having said that, I will immediately jump on competing platforms as they become available. More probable: Mark Zuckerberg sees the highly addictive potential of VR worlds for masses of people who simply can no longer stand reality.

I believe they actually want to take us there. No surprise here, since if you control the very "ground" upon which people live (a kind of new reality), you control everything. Definitely an interesting future, hope it's going to be used constructive nevertheless.

Some people think we're already living a version of that. We've been modified through genetic manipulation and neural linguistic programing to not see the world as it is but rather through layers of limiters that keep us contracted and in fear because we don't realize who we are.

There should be a campaign to push the minimum age that this virtual world may be used and to find better activities for youngsters. It is not cool to be hooked to VR. It probably stunts brain development. Are those after gen Z going to be mainly zombies?

This is the elites attempt to build centralized NFTs and crypto. They want to dominate by throwing so much money at the technology, open source web3 will take decades to catch up.

They want us to live in boxes and work and socialise in a virtual world whilst the elites turn the planet into their own personal Elysium.

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