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15 Funny Memes To Lighten Up Your Mood

1. When you already sold your kidney for iPhone 12, but they just realised iPhone 13

2. When you have a great time with the present, but it was not for you.

3. When the teacher ask for homework and you gotta act like your looking for it even tho you didn't do it.

4. When someone from the backseat gives you driving advice

5. Me high off a edible in the shower thinking about cheese

6. Me in active addition every night at 3AM trying to trace back the events to where everything went wrong.

7. Sometimes you gotta erase that long message you typing and just put "ok"...

8. Posting him won't make him marry you, Post Memes my sister.

9. I'm at a place in my life where errands are starting to count as going out.

10. When you've had 3 admits, no lunch, haven't peed in 10 hours, your patient pooped on your shoes and the charge nurse asks if you're okay:

11. When you peek out of your patient's room to hear the latest unit gossip

12. When you learn over a pt to listen to lunch sounds and they cough in your face.

13. When your stethoscope gets caught on something random

14. When you're in a hurry and can't find something in the damn supply room

15. When you see your reflection in the mirror after 12 hours of Clinicals

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