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At Home Vs At Work, Photos Of a Beautiful Girl who Works At Construction Caused A Stir On Tweeter


Nothing feels good like seeing young people succeeding. We are living in a world where it’s very rare to find a girl who is into construction or agriculture. Our generation has been swept off by modern technology and style. Everyone wants to work from home, everyone wants to be an influencer. Social media has ruined our generation in a way that if we don’t change, we’ll be stuck in poverty forever. This is for all the girls out there. Nothing beats uniqueness. We are no longer in the 60’s where girls were supposed to be taken care of by men. You have to pay your own bill, sister, and you won’t do that if you are still spending your whole day indoors flexing on social media.


I wrote this article because I felt this deserved to be seen by everyone out there. There’s a young and beautiful girl by the name of phuti who has been making waves on social media with her photos at work. Phuti is a construction worker who is so proud of her job in a way that she always posts her photos in work suits. See her photos at work below:

In our modern society, it is very rare to find a lady who is proudly working on a construction site. Most girls are lazy and too proud to work on construction sites. The so-called social status has shaded dreams and bright futures. Working in construction doesn’t make people look down at you as a lady. Instead, we praise him for standing up and choosing not to go with the flow, just like phuti.

 Many people were left stunned after phuti posted photos of when she’s not at work. The whole social media turned upside down and men went all crazy over her beautiful photo. See some photos of her when she’s in casual wear below:


 See how people reacted after she posted her photos:

Phuti is so stylish and has a huge fashion sense. This proves that you can still be who you want to be regardless of what type of job you do. You can still be the hottest girl in your town. Following all that, I decided to compile a collection of her photos at work and off work. See the photo below.



As black media, we’ve always vowed to give you the best of fashion and beauty, so today we decided to give it to you in the form of motivation. Thank you for the love and support and guidance you've shown us. We promise to always deliver quality and informative articles on fashion and beauty. Please continue to guide us by commenting, liking, and sharing our posts. God bless you.


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