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Opinion| Vodacom Data Is Insanely Expensive In South Africa, Why Though?

South Africans are still puzzled to this day about Vodacom's data on why it is so expensive. It is probably the most expensive data in Southern Africa and we don't know why. As much as other services providers are also expensive Vodacom just wins by a large margin.

About 5 to 8 years ago Vodacom was the largest service provider and people adored it because of its wide connectivity and it literally connected anywhere and everywhere it didn't struggle. Now every network does that too and people have sidelined Vodacom because of its expensive data for other services providers.

Compared to other services provider you will see how absurd their prices are. For instant let's compare Vodacom's 1GB daily data to Telkom and MTN. Vodacom's daily gig is R19 on NXT Level.

Telkom has Mo Nice offers where you can buy 525mb for only R6 and you multiply by two you spend less compared to Vodacom and get more data.

On MTN it is literally a giveaway, 1Gig is only R1. That is the amount you pay for it while it is 19 times more on the other side.

Believe it or not the daily data from Vodacom is cheap because weekly or monthly data will leave your jaws on the floor.

We will compare the data in three categories from Daily, Weekly and monthly.

Daily Data.

Weekly Data

Monthly Data

Data can't be this expensive in South Africa. Something needs to be done and their data is so expensive as if it last longer and it doesn't. Paying R50 for 350Mb is crazy. That very data won't even last the whole day. Literally hours it will be obsolete.

Data is so expensive you will find people crowded at nearby malls for that free 250Mb. Libraries are packed because we are chasing the free Wi-Fi. It's not that we don't want to buy data it's just that it is expensive and we are struggling to afford it.

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