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Military Technology, Is the AK-47 obsolete?

You presumably implied AKM, and not the first AK-47, on the grounds that in the event that you didn't understand it, the first AK-47 wasn't really made in colossal number since they ran into difficult issue with the creation utilizing stepped metal, the vast majority of the model ppl consider as AK-47 today are normally AKM, the one made in 1959 (after they at long last fixed the issue with stepped metal (with great aiding from Germany's creation) and is the one mass delivered intensely around the globe. 

In any case, to the place of the matter: 

Russia themselves changed to AK-74 quite a while past, that most likely as of now reveals to you the appropriate response, conceded they had huge number of reasons yet no doubt, you can make your own inference from that point. 

So even the Russian armed force utilizes THIS: 

Furthermore, not THIS: 

for a long while as of now 

They are likewise going to begin moving to the new AK-12 and AK-15 later on, however AK-74 won't be totally supplanted (it presumably cost a lot for that) yet definitely… AKM days are long finished however you can in any case discover them.

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