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Possible ways to be equipped for load shedding.

1Cargo shedding has become an integral part of life in South Africa and will almost certainly continue to be, at least for years to come. In addition to message control and load shedding plans, there are many preparatory steps you can take at home and at work to regain as much power as possible.

This also includes checking if your short-term insurance coverage is in order. Precautions before a planned power outage occurs, devices such as geysers, set-top boxes, microwave ovens, and pool filters must be turned off. In particular, turn off all electronic devices such as computers and laptops and unplug chargers from cell phones. The strong recurring current surge can easily damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Surge arrester plugs can help limit damage from sudden power losses and return power surges. They are also recommended in areas with frequent electrical storms and can provide additional fire protection. Investing in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a long-term plan. Depending on its specification, a UPS can provide power for various periods of time, from a few minutes, allowing you to safely shut down your computer, to several hours.

Large UPS systems can power multiple devices for eight hours or more, including computers, refrigerators, freezers, and televisions. You can also consider a generator if an uninterruptible power supply is critical to your situation. Generators are not suitable for apartments and townhouses where there are close neighbors. Outside, noise levels are annoying and gasoline or diesel exhaust fumes make them unsuitable for indoor use.

Visser notes that it is absolutely necessary to maintain your generator and take care of any additions to the power supply and secure them at the correct replacement value.

Power Surge

Power outages are generally associated with power surges that can destroy electronic equipment. By installing surge current solators in your main power distribution board, you can limit or prevent damage to equipment such as computers, refrigerators, or gate motors.


Battery life is critical in alarm systems or other battery-backed systems and devices. Check regularly if your alarm, garage or gate systems are fully charged. Most batteries can keep the system running for at least eight hours, and some can have backup power for up to 24 hours.


Solar energy can allow you to take your home from ESKOM's electrical network.


Insurers will only rescue claims arising in the event of a loss of weight if they can demonstrate that they have met the conditions of their short-term insurance and that the insurance coverage covers such a case.

Necessary load shedding precautions and proper insurance save costs and keep you safe when lights go out.


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