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Check out the original article list for 6th to 12th September 2021 and see who won the R200

Dear Opera News Hub Creators

We launched an announcement about offering a bonus to high-quality original article creators every week to encourage the production of valuable and good-quality content.



We have pushed out a new exciting strategy that will be inclusive to all writers of all fields adding color to our news site and encourage our valuable creators to participate in the trending topics and create more original content from 9th August 2021.

After reading through all the articles that participated in trending topics published from 6th to 12th September 2021, our editors have selected the top 10 original articles that are of the highest quality🎉. These articles were created by AngelShikwambana, JuniorMuvenda, TshabiiPelo, Thabo_TheCreator, Roller98, MegsSelloWrites,, Spy_SA, News-Cafe, TheeMentalist. Congratulations to them! 👏 Their articles not only provide readers with rich and valuable information but also present the information in an attractive, logical, and easy-understanding way. Each of the writers will, thus, receive a R200 extra bonus together with their September payments! You can also follow them on Opera News.

1. If You Experience This, You Might be Depressed


By AngelShikwambana


2.How To Make A Good Conversation With Your Crush Online & In Reality


By JuniorMuvenda


3.Unknowingly a toxic parent or it does not bother you?


By TshabiiPelo


4.Tso Vilakazi: Confusion in the Team


By Thabo_TheCreator


5.Reasons Behind South African Mens and Vaccine Hesitancy.


By Roller98


6. Evolution of :Hip Hop Mogul Cassper Nyovest


By MegsSelloWrites


7.The IEC gave the ruling party preferential treatment




8. Broos believe in young players than others: Here is why


By Spy_SA


9. The reason why this generation does not know how to love.


By News-Cafe


10. It is time for the EFF and Malema to walk the talk and reveal all about party funding. Lead by Example


By TheeMentalist

Didn't make it to the list? Don't worry and keep trying, you stand a big chance to be on the list and win the bonus! Keep creating content that is of high quality and original, your efforts will always pay off at Opera News Hub.

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