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Man Earned R2600 In 7 Days With This Free App: It Was The Best Feeling Ever

There's a lot of money to be made online, especially using apps. The sad thing is, most people are not aware of these apps and suffer from unemployment and financial brokeness as a result. Luckily, more and more people are are sharing realistic ways to make money online. It is therefore helpful to share these tips to wider audiences for practical assistance.

One such app that allows users to download and start making money is, UberEats. The app is free to download on any app store and once users sign up and get approved, they start earning cash. Like Emmanie H on YouTube. He recently shared on his channel with proof, that he earned R2600 in the first week as an UberEats driver.

In order to register on the app and get approved, you need: an ID, a photo of yourself and a South African license. Even if you don't have a license yet, that's not a problem. "For me, I'm driving with a learner's license because I don't have a full license," Emmanie shared.

You also need to have a background check or criminal clearance. After your account has been approved, that's when you can hire a delivery bike. There's a variety of bikes for hire companies you can rent from including Mobile Macs. "There's another way of renting bikes. You can just go to Facebook and search for people that are renting their bike out," Emmanie said. Bike rentals range from R500 upwards.

When renting the bike, Emmanie said they require, "proof of residence, where you're going to park the bike because they track the bike. They require your license and your ID."

In the first 7 days after he started delivery for UberEats, Emmanie reminisced that it was a good week indeed. "It was a good week overall because made a massive R2600. It was the best feeling ever."

Emmanie also encourages viewers to do research before venturing into the app. "If you want to join UberEats, I can advise you to join Lulaway because it's going to be easier for them to do everything for you. Your account is going to get approved earlier than if you go solo. For me, joining UberEats, it was a great thing because I know that each and every week I'm getting paid."


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