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Facebook statistics are out...according to these statistics, there's a lot of bullying in Facebook.

The world government is about to create a perfect world, There's a lot of changes that are going to be made with Facebook some of them include improving privacy and most of them related to reducing bullying as the human race we believe we can create a Better World if not a perfect. From now on the world will never be the same again government will be monitoring everything don't consider this invasion of privacy but rather the upliftment of humankind. I am telling you guys something is about to happen to Facebook. The government is about to introduce the a strict regime. But do not be afraid because this is about to become a better world and we are about to go beyond our current human stage.

Facebook is the largest and most known social media network since introduction to Facebook the world has changed. We use Facebook to connect with friends, families, work workers, colleagues and even people we don't know. Facebook allow users to share information at a faster rate not only that but it also allows us to share information about our personal lives. Through Facebook we can share videos music articles and whatever we recommend to our friends. 

But some people use Facebook for malicious reasons such as catfishing and identity theft don't forget stalking. Facebook will change forever it will never be the same. I'm not quite sure but I do believe that Facebook will introduced new measures, such as what we post or do in the app. Especially this new Facebook upgrade called metaverse some of the measures will restrict people from from malicious behaviors and doing illegal things and eventually end cyber crime. This more likely to be introduced in the new Facebook called Metaverse. Yep, Facebook will be changing its name to Metaverse.

What exactly is the metaverse?

The metaverse is where you can virtually meet, work and play using a VR headset, glasses or your device. Think of it kind of like a real-life video game. Metaverse will improve knowledge and our education system. It will make everything easily accessible.

Facebook for the first time on Tuesday disclosed the prevalence of bullying and harassment on its platform, saying such content was seen between 14 and 15 times per every 10,000 views on the site in the third quarter.

Facebook is clearly in trouble, The statistics indicate that they favor profit over social peace, Because of this we might see a profound change in the operations of Facebook.

I'm basing this on so many sources of data I found. Metaverse is just a start. Such data is being made public so that we can accept the new measures that will be taken by Facebook to improve human dignity and quality of life. Facebook will deal with almost all of disadvantages. So no more fake accounts, teasing, gossiping and inciting violence or racism or unnecessary revolutions.

The social network Facebook and its subsidiaries, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp became globally unavailable for a period of six to seven hours. The outage also prevented anyone trying to use "Log in with Facebook" from logging in. I wonder if this was actually accident or was it intentional. Is the government planning to introduce a new way of life? I don't know but it does look promising and good. certain restrictions need to be added on Facebook.

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