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Selling your beats online.

Selling your beats means you need to be clear about what your own beats sound like and is this the kind of beat your customers are looking for (what are they looking for?)

And what other beats are available online. You can use the beats available online as inspiration for your own beats. It is very difficult to make your first sale!

An easier way to get started is if you buy DubTurbo there is a place where you can put your beats up for sale in the member's area called Audio Daddy. You will need to create a lot of great beats in your portfolio. You should also work with artists who can possibly vouch for your work.

This means networking with artists to take advantage of those you know. It is this gradual construction in your work and associated artists that will propel you forward and eventually lead you to earn more money for your own beats.

When you start to sell and accumulate some clients, it is important to use them to expand by getting testimonials and recommending you to other clients. This is easily done if you have a professional attitude and always stick to your commitments and create quality beats. This means that your customers will be happy to recommend you.

Getting to this stage takes a serious commitment to your art and hard work. It is possible to sell beats from time to time for less money, but if you want to replace a job with income from creating beats, you will have to go for it in a determined way.

There are many sites online where you can sell beats like Beatbuggy, Beatswagger, and Rocbattle, but these don't sell in large quantities.

Broadjam has clients looking for custom beats and paying more, but generally, you have to build your reputation first. If you are serious about creating beats and selling your stuff, the most important thing to consider is becoming a legal entity that suits this business.

It is best to check with the tax office in your area. It also helps to have your own website!

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