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"Whatsapp Crashes" | Here are the Effects Afterwards

After Whatsapp got the problem, people got affected by all ways. It's a sad thing that happened and people were not aware since they were not Informed prior. Hence even their technicians were not aware of the circumstances that came as a terror to the users.

The whole world got affected by the unexpected situation, there was an awkward moment of pain to the users who are immune to this kind of Social Media platform. As the WhatsApp crashes so many things came to a standstill, there was no movement, and frustration engulfed people since WhatsApp is a genuine social media that is so easy to use.

Well from the look of things it seems as if within that short period they lost so much but hopefully they'll recover their losses. While this thing happened and so many relationships got affected because to some WhatsApp is the best way and easy way for them to communicate and arrange their business.

The updates were announced on Twitter and that made Twitter users to breg saying all things shutted and Twitter it's the only one social media that is transparent and access to use. Well because the apology has been made hopefully people will find peace from within.

Source: Twitter


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