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Watch: PSL players pleading with their bosses not to give them their bonuses in cash on the field


It’s known that footballers get a lot more than their salaries if they’re performing well every time they play a match. Bonuses have become a crucial part of the game, as they’re meant to excite players to go an extra mile on the pitch to deliver what’s required by their clubs. There are different types of bonuses that players can get per game, namely a Man of the Match award that’s accompanied by money, winning incentives, scoring goals kind of bonuses and reaching a certain mark within the club, etc. Football has been associated with money for the longest of times, and it doesn’t hurt to get a few 13th cheques now and then. However, what also might matter is how everything is done, in terms of approach to the 13th cheque. 

Now, Royal AM made sure that they defeat Maritzburg United by 2-1 this past weekend in a DStv Premiership clash. As they’re having a dream start to the 2021/22 season and they cannot change it for anything in this world. Winning the Kwa-Zulu Natal Derby meant a lot to the Royal AM management as they made sure that the players get recognized for their hard work on the pitch. That’s the chairman of Royal AM and player Andile Mpisane was seen with a brown paper bag filled with thousands of rands, which happened to be players’ bonuses. Even the owner of the club Shawn Mkhize was alongside Andile as they couldn’t sustain their excitement and wanted to make sure players get their fair share of the Durban-based outfit’s wealth.

Unfortunately, the Royal AM players were not pleased with how their bonus matters were handled. Even though they were grateful to win against the Team of Choice and making it to the top three in the log standings, but the management took their moment and limelight. There have been different clips that have been shared on social media whereby some Royal AM players were complaining about what their bosses were doing, and even asked their coach John Maduka to speak to the top management about what they were doing after the game. “Even some players weren’t charmed by what MaMkhize, Andile Mpisane, and their groupies were doing because they could see it’s degrading and downright embarrassing… Please, Coach, tell them to not come with the money here,” said @Madumetja_M08 on his official Twitter page.

Well, online there were different opinions about the whole situation, as some individuals stated that Royal AM should just take the money and not say much, as they’ve been through worse when they played for Bloemfontein Celtic. At the end of the day, money is money, if they don’t want it, then it’s fine, it will be put into good use. They’ve earned it through their impressive run in the league. Meanwhile, other people felt that MaMkhize was allegedly unprofessional and inconsiderate at how she handled the team’s money matters. As some players allegedly felt belittled and somehow violated by their bosses and the country had to witness their pain.

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Date: 04/10/2021

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