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These 43 listed phones below will no longer be able to use whatsapp from November 1st 2021.

Both Android and iOS will be unable to use the encrypted messaging service.From the 1st of November 2021 a number of phones will no longer be eligible to use whatsapp as they will be blocked from accessing it and usage, leaving a million of user blocked from the service.

On the picture below is a list of phones that will no longer be able to use whatsapp. Check yours:

The reason behind it is unclear, although it is suspected that it's because the phones are old. Is it fair though? I mean some people can not afford to buy phones and on the other hand some people do their work through whatsapp (created groups) for communication purposes including students. Considering that amongst other apps whatsapp is one of the most effective easy to use for communication purposes.

So should whatsapp reconsider their decision and try to be accomodative to the less privileged? Leave a comment on this, what do you suggest should be done?

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