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Apple new devices, software and hardware features

The Iphone 13 is a new smart phone from apple that was released to the public on September 14, 2021.It is one of the highly anticipated electronics device of the year 2021 . Then guess what it should due to the features it has come with on board.

Here are new hardware features it comes with.

1. New improved camera lens

The camera on iphone 13 is slightly bigger than the one on the iphone 12 by 1 megapixel . This because iphone 12 has 12 megapixel on each of it's lens on the back cameras , while iphone 13 has got 13 mega pixel main, ultra wide and focus ,hence improved picture quality.It can also shot videos in 4k .

2. Bigger processing chip onboard.

The iPhone 13 is using a new processor , the A15 bionic chip .The chip is faster than the A14 bionic chip on the iphone 12 and it has better performance and speed .

3.The screen has 120Hz refresh rate.

The screen has a 120hz refresh rate making the phone faster and smooth when been used for gaming and other intense applications that need more power.The size of the notch has also been reduced compared to the iphone 12 that has a bigger notch.

Software features that come with the iphone 13 .

The iphone 13 is using the latest apple software ios 15 which brings in alot of features to all devices compatible with the new software.

It also brings in new options on your device that are so useful.It also fixes budies with the apple watch.

It has also brought in new widgets that are very useful to our day to day life.

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