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4 Places You Should Not Keep Your Phone to Avoid Damages

The cell phone is, without a doubt, one of the most widely used gadgets on the world. It's popular because of its versatility and portability. According to research and studies, when not utilized appropriately, this mobile technology might sometimes represent a threat to human life.

Many people have gotten themselves into tense and difficult situations in the past and in recent years because they kept their phones in the incorrect places.

In this post, we'll examine at four popular locations where people like to put their phones, as well as the potential threats they might face.

1. Under the pillow.

This is a regular occurrence among teenagers, particularly social media junkies and addicts. Keeping a cell phone under the pillow is one action that might lead to the accumulation of heat, which could result in an explosion. When placed in a hot setting, the mobile phone contains electromagnetic chemicals that can trigger an explosion.

2. The breast pocket.

According to scientists, keeping the phone in the breast pocket or any other surface close to the skin is one harmful move that can lead to cancer. As you may be aware, mobile phones contain radio-carbonate waves, which can be harmful to some vital organs if kept too close to the skin.

3. On charger.

I understand that you need to charge your phone to keep it active, but even if you do, you shouldn't leave it on active current all day. Overcharging the phone beyond the factory battery capacity might harm the cell and trigger an explosion due to overheating.

4. The back pocket.

Apart from the risk of damaging your phone when sitting unintentionally, you also risk having your private part affected in the long term. According to studies, placing a cell phone near one's genitals can be harmful to one's reproductive health and capacity.

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