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How much does WhatsApp cost in South Africa?

WhatsApp's main method of communication is used by most South African people. Learn how much it costs to utilize the functions of the app every day.

WhatsApp is nowadays the best way to communicate. 93.2 percent of South Africa's 25 million active social media users between the ages of 16 and 64 use this app. WhatsApp can also be used for audio, video and photo sharing and group chats, in addition to sending text messages.

MyBroadband was responsible for determining how much it takes in South Africa to use the daily WhatsApp functions.

The Galaxy S20 and A32 of Samsung were employed for the tests. For all functional data, the integrated network usage monitoring tool of WhatsApp has been employed.

The costs of transmitting a text message were 0.5kB, while a 30-second voice note was 75kB for part of the information from the testing. A movie of 10 seconds was 2.9 MB and a call of 1 minute was 357 kB.

Sending image to another device was 149 kB from one Android smartphone, whereas a 1-minute video conversation was 4.4MB with disabled data saver mode.

A comparison between South Africa's five networks was made to interpret the information in a broader way.

MTN and Telkom are the two most costly networks for sending a text message. SMS costs R0.00005 for both networks. The cheapest with R0.00003 are Cell C and Rain.

With regard to comparison, MTN and Telkom are clearly the two most costly networks in all.

A voice note of 30 seconds on both networks was R0.007 while Cell C and Rain cost R0.004. In the center of the five networks, Vodacom was placed in its net of R0.006 with a 30-second voice message.

One of these experiments was to say that the cost of an audio call from Whatsapp per minute fell below what it would cost to all networks to make a typical call.

Only three South African networks provide data bundles for WhatsApp that might potentially also influence WhatsApp's costs.

WhatsApp has data bundles of 50 MB up to 1 GB in Cell C, Vodacom and MTN. In 2020, Cell C costs 1GB R29, Vodacom costs R35 and MTN costs R30, respectively.

The distinction among the three WhatsApp data packages is that they would be effective for 20 days only and for 30 days for Cell C and Vodacom.

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