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8 objects we use daily that changed over time

Everything seems to change so quickly nowadays, and everything in our life looked very different a few years ago. Certain objects have had a significant impact on our lives, therefore it's always worthwhile to look back in time and admire the original designs. Who knows, perhaps we'll be motivated to usher in a new era! 

We've compiled a list of items we use on a daily basis that have evolved beyond recognition over time. To view them all, keep scrolling.


Old calculators had simple operating principles, and there wasn't much to do but add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers. Modern calculators offer a wide range of functions at the moment. 


The first electric toaster was invented in Scotland in 1893, and ancient toasters were not designed like we know them now. Modern ones have a more refined and visually pleasant appearance. 


The evolution of television is unsurprising; it's one of the most common objects that has altered dramatically throughout time. In comparison to previous iterations, this invention has become incredibly sophisticated, with many more options.


Telephone operators were the first to wear headphones. They grew in popularity throughout time, particularly among young people. Wireless earbuds have quickly surpassed wired earphones as one of the most important and practical items in use today. 


Snow goggles were created to protect people from becoming blinded in the snow, and they have evolved into the sunglasses we wear every day to protect our eyes from UV rays. 

Women's footwear 

Women's shoes are included in this list because they have evolved over time from silk damask shoes with buckles in the 1740s to heels in the 20th century.

Washing machine

We had no notion that the crank-operated machines utilized in the 1940s were actually washing machines until we started looking into the history of these equipment. We've now converted to automatic washing machines with a variety of settings. 


In comparison to older printers, printers found in offices and households are compact and light. They appear to be utterly different, but they share some traits that have made our lives much easier.

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