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Max Mqadi was saved by his iPhone 12 according to close source

After Max survived the shooting we should just hope that the attack and assassination attack doesn't come from his competitors.

Max Mqadi was saved by the almighty God and Amadlozi akubo and it wasn’t his time... This has nothing to do with an iPhone, a Samsung from 6 years ago couldn’ve done the same.

Its hard for a Black men to hustle and live honestly in Mzansi. You join taxis, they ambush you, you get into food and beverages like Max Mqadi you get shot. Can a black man be successful without looking over his shoulder. Get well soon Grootmaane.

I grew up in Clermont, Durban. So many local business people died or survived brutal attacks there. Others decided to withdraw due to attacks. Max Mqadi story reminds of this. Running a successful in Kasi is always riskier than the Town. May he survive this to be stronger.

Instead of Black people building, supporting one another we are busy pulling each other down. Instead of admiring, appreciating and learning from the people who are bringing a positive impact on Black townships and creating jobs. WE ARE KILLING ONE Another.

This Max Mqadi incident shows that when you have money, When you have a successful business, Stop being too exposed, Not everybody is happy with your success, Create a system that can let you hire anyone to look after your business. Exposing yourself too much might be a problem.

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