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Pirates Player Back At Training After Being Suspended Because Of Assault Accusations

As now the player has returned to training that all reveals that the accusations against him were wasteful. This has made his work stop for a while of which is not needed for a tough player like ben. Ben shouldn't have got suspended from the first place because now he is already back at training.

Honestly such things might end up demotivating good players like ben. Orlando pirates was supposed to not suspend him until he was proven guilty. Now that they have suspended him it has been wasteful. As it is said that he is back at training again. This whole matter could demotivate him.

With orlando pirates suspending him many thoughts coukd reach his mind. As he might think that his team already believe the false accusations against him. That's why he got suspended. This is not good to him because now that he is proven not guilty he has returned to training.

All in all here is a picture of ben in a training below.

Such things could really demotivate players. That is because when such accusations are placed on a player. The team has to be there for that player to keep his mind of things. Because when a person is going through a difficult time you never know what that person thinks.

These accusations against ben was just wasteful. It was just a waste of his time. The time that he got suspended for. Shouldn't have gotten him somewhere on the field. In that case such accusations should not stop the players from working. So that they can be able to keep their minds of things.

That is because at the end if the day you find that the player is not guilty. And it was a waste to suspend him. Such that he couldn't have continued with his work.

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