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4 Computer Programs You Must Learn To Boost Your Employability

Being computer literate is very important in times where our lives revolves around technology usage. It's not only good for your personal development but it also increases your chances of finding employment. In this article we are going to share 4 computer programs that will boost your employability together with resources that will help you get started.

1.Microsoft Word

This program dates back to the early 1980s where it was initially released with a lot of flaws that caused it to be overlooked and criticized by computer specialists. It's main purpose is to allow users to type and print out documents using a graphical user interface that is very easy to use. It's available for both Apple and Windows operating systems, with periodic patch updates releases to get rid of bugs or errors.


An industry standard software that is used for calculations. Small and medium sized companies have invested in this software for eons of years and this includes big corporations like Google. You can perform different type of calculations and financial analysis using just one program.


The program is also popularly known as 'database' solely because it's used for information management, reporting and analysis of data. The program is used in conjunction with Microsoft excel due to the fact that it offeres a wide range of features.


As the name entails, it's used for pitches and office presentations by organizing the data correctly in and easy to understand way. The program has collaboration features that allows you to work with your team remotely.

Resources to learn the programs

We have gathered a list of the best resources that are going to simplify the whole process of mastering the aforementioned programs below:

YouTube videos: This is literally the best way to learn how to use microsoft office programs. Most of the tutorials are very easy to follow and shows you shortcuts that will improve your workflow.

— If you don't have access to a computer or laptop at home, i would suggest that you visit your nearest library or internet cafe and make use of their computers to learn.

GCF Global. The website offers a wide range of computer lessons for free and this includes beginner courses for Microsoft office.

LinkedIn: Besides being a recruitment platform, LinkedIn has thousand of courses that are led by industry experts. Visit their website and check them out.

We hope the information and resources we've shared on this article was useful to you. Engage with us on the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. Remember to follow us for more informative articles like this one published daily. 

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