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Pending application for R350 grant for April and May, submit your information before 7 July 2022

After two months stoppage of the R350 SRD grants, payments finally started again mid June 2022. As much as SASSA has not paid everyone, but the payments are progressing as a reasonable pace. SASSA has called upon those who have not paid in in April and May to update their information on their website. They said that 'clients who wish to update their screening questions for April and May 2022 periods should update their details no later that 07 July 222 is progressing smoothly'.

The information should be updated on the SASSA website -

If your application for the two month - April and May was declined or pending or you would like to change a screening question that was incorrectly answered in the two month in question. That information should be updated for SASSA to be able to finalize the application of the SRD grant.

The deadline to submit the information is 7 July 2022 on SASSA SRD website


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