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Get more than 700 weekly 'Outside' clicks and stand a chance to win R500 every week.

Dear Opera News Hub Creators,

Opera News Hub has given the weekly original articles' rewards for over a year. The reward for 20th -26th September will be the last one for this event. 

The event was canceled for reasons. Firstly, it’s been held for very long, and it is therefore not fresh anymore to creators. Secondly, we have other original articles' competitions every month, and lastly, original articles that are submitted on a daily basis get 2 times more revenue than ordinary ones. The reward for original articles is quite enough.

This doesn’t mean opera news will now get to save the reward for themselves. On the contrary, with the spirit of rewarding Original articles, we are increasing the weekly reward and pushing out a new weekly-based competition starting from this week.

This new competition's focal point is “Outside” clicks.

What does the “Outside” click mean?

Outside clicks: Being clicks coming from a shared link from an article and not clicked from the app.

We encourage all writers to share their articles often, with an even bigger price, so why not get appreciated both ways. 

Below is an example of how to share an article:

All creators can participate in this competition and stand a chance of getting the reward if they get more than 700 weekly cumulative outside clicks. 

Writers' backstage can not tell how many outside clicks you get yet. Winners and data will be shared every Monday regarding clicks they got from outside link users. 

The reward rules are as goes: 

1. Top 1 - R 500

2. Top 2 to 3 - R300

3. Top 4 to 10 - R200

4. Top 11 to 20 - R100

Please note that at most 20 writers will win the prize.

Payment date

1. Outside Clicks' winners of the previous week will be announced every Monday.

2. In the case of holidays, the release time of the award list and bonus will likely be postponed to the next workday.

3. Award will be paid along with the monthly articles payments

4. As usual, competition revenue is not displayed on your monetization 


So get sharing and reach the masses as many are longing to read your craft and on top of that you get paid for it.

Content created and supplied by: OperaNewsHubAcademy_ZA (via Opera News )

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