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OPINION| Here’s Why We Think The 2000s Are The Generation That Will Change South Africa For Good

GenZer's (also known as Ama2000) are everywhere. Love them or hate them. It's amazing to watch how Gen Z has found creative ways to speak their minds and occupy space in social discourse. To help us more articles like this please hit the follow button.

It's the generation that has never known a world without technological advancement. It's hard for GenZ kids to imagine a world without the internet when they were growing up. This has resulted in kids today being hyper-aware of everything going on around them and being able to educate themselves and form independent opinions. 

We think they're the coolest generation ever for these reasons.

#1 They work very hard

The millennial and Gen Z generations are known to work very hard when they're passionate about what they're doing. No matter how much work they put in or how far they go for their jobs, they are always motivated and enthusiastic. It is apparent that despite all odds, they are creative and find the best results.

#2 They’re united in everything.

In the right direction, small, collective efforts can do wonders, as this generation has demonstrated. In India, the GenZ who depended on TikTok for content, laughter, and livelihood recently left "fairy comments" on the Instagram handles of Indian government officials in response to the TikTok ban. Even though the move was not impressive or radical, it was funny nonetheless, and the sheer commitment and effort put into the cause were really great.

In short, the generation knows how to mobilize efforts for a good cause, whether it is a Tweetstorm or a fundraiser.

#3 They’re actually very smart

I often find myself feeling sad after listening to my cousin, who is 17, talk about capitalism, hustle culture, or even something as seemingly mundane as a relationship or friendship issue, all while comparing how much more mature they are than me at that age. Information has made it easier for this generation to unlearn societal norms, greatly reducing societal conditioning and enabling rapid social change. Despite this ease of access, they have really pulled up and tried to do the right thing.

Gen Z will help us solve problems more efficiently in the future, and with some encouragement, the generation can do wonders!



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