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Smartphones Tricks To Save Your Battery Life

Many people use their smartphones on daily basis, they do anything from calling their friends and family to chatting using social networking sites. Many people might find it hard to believe that the smartphone bought just a couple of months ago gets drained very quickly. Image credit: Google

Smartphone users can start by switching off their mobile data when they are not using it. Many apps try to use your mobile data in the background when you are not using your smartphone. Rotation function that enables a user to switch to portrait or auto-rotate using a sensor that can drain a smartphone's battery life. Switch it to portrait function to your battery life. When you finish using an app, close the app to save battery life. One of the most important smartphone tips or tricks is to never use your smartphone while it is connected to the charger, it can damage the battery and reduce the usage by 50% after multiple misuses. Image credit: Google


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