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9 Places Where You Should Not Keep Your Phone

With the advent of smartphones, they have become an integral part of our daily lives, and we cannot function without them. Throughout the course of a day, you will come into contact with your phone numerous times. However, when utilizing a phone, it is important to use it properly. Here are ten areas where you should never leave your phone unsupervised. 

Your back pocket-Keeping your phone in your back pocket can have a variety of consequences, including making accidental calls, losing or even breaking the phone when you sit down. 2. Your front pocket- According to scientists, keeping the phone in the back pocket might also cause stomach and leg discomfort as well as other symptoms. 

2. The front pocket of your pants—Phones emit electromagnetic radiation. So guys who carry their phones in the front pocket are more likely to have low sperm quality and quantity. 

Third, scientists have discovered that wearing a phone in one's bra increases the risk of developing breast cancer due to the electromagnetic radiation released by the phone. 

The fourth category of terrible phone storage is little purses that hang from your hips. According to research, those who carry their phones close to their hips or thighs are more likely to suffer from weak bones in that area. 

5. Keeping your phone in close contact with your skin, especially when on the phone, can lead to skin problems and other health problems as a result of the contact. When on the phone, keep your phone a few millimeters away from your skin at all times. 

On charge overnight- Using our phones all day and leaving them to charge overnight is something that the majority of us do. Charging your phone overnight can be detrimental to its health, as it shortens the battery's life expectancy significantly. 

7. In an extremely cold environment- Placing your phone in an extremely cold environment can cause problems because the phone is only designed to withstand a specific range of temperatures. This has the potential to cause serious damage to the phone's battery. 

8. In a very hot environment- Just as phones cannot withstand cold temperatures, they cannot withstand extremely hot temperatures as well. Because of this, it should be kept away from hot items and direct sunlight to prevent battery damage. 

9. Keeping your phone under your pillow will disrupt your sleep due to the light emitted when a notification pops up, which may interfere with the production of sleep hormones. 10. Keeping your phone on your nightstand will disrupt your sleep due to the light emitted when a notification pops up. Furthermore, phones emit electromagnetic radiations, which can induce dizziness and headaches in some individuals.

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