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JUST IN - How to use salt and water to charge your phone.

Swedish developers at MyFc have created JAQ, a transportable charger that makes use of salt and water to rate your smartphone. The cellular works via having a disposable power card, which incorporates salt and water, inserted into the charger. in the mobile, the salt and water reacts to provide hydrogen.

To rate your cellphone, users clearly pour water into the tray, place a PowerPukk cartridge in the tray, cowl the device, then join a telephone with a USB cable. Mineral water, salt water, or grimy water from streams/puddles (so long as it carries no sediments) are all great to energy up the device.

Salt water is corrosive and could sincerely harm your phone, water-resistant or not. other beverages too may additionally reason problems. it truly is why it's essential to get it rinsed as soon as viable.

Substances you need to get

1. A pleasant charger

2. Pair of cup

3. Your cellphone

4. two cups of water


1. Get your pair of cup and fill it with water

2. Drop some amount of salt in it

3. place the two aluminium ends of your charger in it after which plug your charger.

you're right to move.

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