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Opinion - Technology exists to change peoples lives

Technology exists to change people's lives.

 Due to advances in technology, life twenty years ago is different from life twenty years later. One of the possibilities that technology is looking for is that one can move in one's own voice bubbles. Can listen to music, play computer games or surf at maximum volume without disturbing anyone. 

This seems impossible, because people may think that it needs headphones, but it is also possible without using headphones. According to reports, this is achieved through so-called "sound emission". According to reports, this is a new futuristic audio technology from the Israeli company Noveto Systems. It is a method of delivering sound directly to the listener without or using headphones.

 According to reports, the company provided the Associated Press with an exclusive demo of its SoundBeamer 1.0 prior to its release. According to the report, the listening device is excellent, and its 3D sound is very close, and it feels like you are in it. ear . Use new equipment The device is expected to have multiple uses, including allowing office workers to listen to music or any sound without disturbing colleagues.

 Allow someone to play or watch movies without disturbing others The absence of headphones means that other sounds can be heard clearly everywhere. How it works According to reports, the new device uses a technology that uses 3D sensing modules. It then locates and tracks the position of the ears, and sends audio through ultrasound, thereby creating sound pockets in the ears.

 According to reports, the company emphasized that the sound can be heard in stereo mode, thereby producing 360-degree sound around the listener. By using it, people don't have to tell it where it will be, because it follows the listener everywhere, so it can be played in their minds without using headphones.

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