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The Tweeter Prophet Reveals Why WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Had a Breakdown


When Jesus rose from the dead, he promised that he will not leave us alone but with a Holly spirit that will guide us on how to live and give us heads up about things that we cannot see with our naked eyes. Many people interpret that phrase "holy spirit that will guide us" as the bible, prophets, pastors, and all those who have spiritual powers to see what will happen tomorrow and things that not everyone can see. We were all created uniquely and given different abilities, but there are those who are chosen and given the ability to see what others cannot see. We call them prophets.

A well-known tweeter prophet, who is also known as Prophet Rhadebelihle, made a shocking revelation about why social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook were not functioning later yesterday. According to him, these platforms are the most used ones by people on a daily basis, so those who want to take over the world want to see if they can really control the world through social media. He went on to say that Twitter was left so that they could see people’s reactions, and indeed, many people were complaining that their lives were on and their connections were on social media.



That was a test and you making it trend proves how easily you can be manipulated through social MEDIA. They wanted to see if you still programmed so they make their next move. They left Twitter out as a result watch to see the reaction”. He tweeted.



After this was posted, many people were frightened because a few days ago, the prophet mentioned that there would be a social media breakdown and indeed it happened yesterday. Through that, many people believe and respect his prophecy. See How people reacted to this prophecy:




This prophet prophesied the death of the late Shona Ferguson and indeed it happened. To me, that was enough to make me believe his words. We are living in a world where so much is happening between us without our knowledge, the only weapon we have to fight the devil is PRAYER!.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that the media breakdown was really a manipulation test or it was just a system fault?

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Holly Jesus Rhadebelihle


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