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New Features coming with windows 11

Microsoft is the biggest software tech company in the whole world and it is the owner of the widely used Windows software around the world.It is also the owner of the popular Microsoft office software , that is used on a wide range of os platforms namely , apple ,android , Linux and Windows os .

This year Microsoft will release it's most anticipated sorftware ever the windows 11 operating system on devices that have the processors that can handle the sorftware and that are highly capable.It will release the operating system to the public on 5 October, 2021.

The Windows 11 operating system is so powerful and it will bring new features to the system .This will make it easy for anyone to do there work online with the new multi tasking features.

It will come with a well customized task bar which will make it very useful and it will allow the user to further customize the task bar to there preference.

Processors that will be compatible with the operating system.

Windows 11 will be compatible to recent processors of intel and AMD .note even other recent processors from other semi conductor companies will be supported.

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