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When will FACEBOOK be back and WHY is this happening?


Facebook é processado e pode ser obrigado a vender Instagram e WhatsApp

So far there is no probability when Facebook will return to normal, but what is true is that this situation is affecting Facebook's stock market and several shareholders are going through a situation of panic and anguish that they do not know to what extent. The situation can come because there are more than thousands of users all over the world.

 This collapse has brought a lot of change to the world of technology and social media, it means that people have to create more livelihoods and options so that when a situation like this happens they do not feel affected in their businesses and other means they use to be able to maintain in contact with your customers.

This is not the first time and there are no guarantees that will also be the last time, but In 2019, when it suffered from its biggest-ever outage, which lasted all day, and several usurers went through a very delicate situation and we're left with no options, but there are already other social media to replace like Telegram.

 The system would not break spontaneously, but there is reason and reason for this to happen, but so far there is no credible explanation for this event.


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