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The best ways to store music.

Today, the main type of music medium sold is a digital MP3 file, but before that, music was always sold on a physical medium.

It can be a nightmare to discover an old collection and find that none of the items play the way they did before. Each type of music medium requires a slightly different environment for it to function properly.

Having a hard drive crash with all the collections of individuals on it can be devastating, and in my case the data cannot be recovered. In these cases, getting a reliable storage configuration is important to ensure performance.

There is a great way to back up externally without having to sacrifice reliability. Having an external enclosure with an internal hard drive is cheaper than a normal unit and more reliable with proper research.

If the external case fails, a person can simply buy another case or remove the hard drive and put it in their PC to access the information. Storing compact discs is pretty straightforward, but there are some important factors to consider when doing this.

Books on CDs that contain many CDs are one of the best storage methods, but they must be closed and no part of the book can be made of plastic. The temperature can be low and CDs can still be destroyed in cheaper plastic cases.

After placing them in the book, the person may also consider purchasing a sealed container to put everything in for extra protection. Hot temperatures also warp drives over long periods of time, and an air conditioner is generally recommended. The tapes look like CDs with the way they are stored.

Tape is very sensitive to magnetic fields and heat, which is why it is best to keep them in a sealable and shielded box. Moisture is also locked in with a gasket since old Billy Idol tapes can rust so quickly when exposed.

Other media don't have a problem with large formats like vinyl records, and due to the size of the records, they require a lot more space. Storage cabinets designed to keep Beatles vinyl safe for a long time can be purchased, but they are often very expensive. Normal deep cabinets are normally used for these instead.

Most cases can benefit from simply adding doors to the front and placing the openings of Nirvana vinyl records towards the back. Simple containers can easily store the albums and they may not even be important for areas that are not dusty or have low humidity.

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