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It ended in tears as mans body is compared to a puffed up pigeon

Social media looks like all fun and games, but the unfiltered truth is that it is not for the fain hearted!

One minute you're posting an innocent picture, and the next you're trending because someone decided to zoom in!

Source: Facebook

If not zooming in they will find fault or comapred you to something. An example of this is of this man who posed in a "buff like" manner for his picture and boy oh boy did it not end well.

Source: Facebook

Within a matter of time his picture was put alongside a pigeon - not just any pigeon but a puffed up pigeon!

While others laughed because he did look like he tried so hard to suck in his stomach, others thought this was wrong and absolutely not funny!

Lesson of the day? Don't try too hard, especially not for the people you hardly know on social media, just be yourself okay?

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